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Serena Williams

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Live Who You Are ad campaign, shot by the incredible Annie Leibovitz. Each day, we’ll be releasing one new ad here as our “10am Special”, and give you an inside look at how our ad subjects live who they are.

Christina Tosi

Chef/Owner, Milk Bar
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

sweet appeal

For awarded pastry chef Christina Tosi, home isn’t home without room to bake. At Corcoran, we aim to be an essential ingredient in finding you the perfect place. By getting to know your particular tastes we can introduce you to homes where every room is an irresistible treat. #livewhoyouare

Learn more at corcoran.com/livewhoyouare.

Get to know Christina:

The Corcoran Group: Why did you choose to live in Williamsburg? What’s your favorite thing about it?
Christina: I have lived in my place for 8 years now! I wanted to find a hood that was fun to live in, close and easy to park my pick up truck on the street, go for a run, ride my bike, stroll to dinner, but also gives me easy access to the city and Union Square. I love my neighborhood because it gives me it all! I also have a backyard for the pups to buck around in, and space to have guests in the warm months, grill out, or chill out. Selfishly, I’m also an easy stroll to Milk Bar’s kitchen, too!
TCG: After a long day at work, how do you unwind at home?
C: Even though I work like a maniac, when I have free time, I still love being active—I run to unwind, ride bikes, walk my dogs and explore the nooks and crannies of my neighborhood. I love feeding my creative mind with arts and crafts projects, home improvements, gardening and sewing. But I also love vegging out— cuddling up into a good book, getting deep into a day of movies, or TV, cooking a meal at home and just embracing being a true home body.
TCG: What’s your favorite treat to whip up at home? What’s your favorite meal to cook?
C: Nachos! My other go-to recipes in the kitchen are sweet and soft yeast rolls, chocolate chip cookies, gooey butter cake, and a killer roast chicken I make into chicken soup overnight.
TCG: What is the most used tool in your kitchen? The most used ingredient?
C: A spoon and salt. I believe in tasting anything/everything. Nothing leaves the kitchen until it passes the taste test, which usually means it gets seasoned with a little salt (it brings flavors forward and helps turn up the volume, even in desserts!)
TCG: What five items from your pantry could you never live without?
C: Flour, grains, oils, onions, potatoes! I can make any highbrow or lowbrow snack or late night meal with the help of these pantry staples.

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i probably should get a damn drivers licence


5:31 Jérôme RTW Spring 2015

Photo by Timothy Rosado

5:31 Jérôme fused street style with designer Jérôme LaMaar’s background in tailoring at Chado Ralph Rucci. For More

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Happy National Poetry Month from this first grader:

We did the soft wind.
We danst slowly. We swrld aroned.
We danst soft.
We lisin to the mozik.
We danst to the mozik.
We made personal space.



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